The pluralistic community has a range of events around the year. These are primarily for counsellors and psychotherapists who practice, or are interested in, a pluralistic approach; but are always open to all. This page has an overview, or links, to any upcoming events, and also covers some events which may not be pluralistic specific, but may have interest to some pluralistic practitioners.

Pluralistic Practice Events

Our main event each year is an annual conference, which is in Dublin for 2020.

As we began with local networking meetings, we are also looking to get these back up and running. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved in running a networking group in your area.

Other Events of Interest

These are generally events ran by network members. If you think you are running an event that could be of interest let us know.

Mick Cooper

29th February, 2020. Lancaster. Pluralistic therapy. One day CPD workshop. North Lancashire Counselling Service.

15th March 2020, Sunderland. Pluralistic counselling and psychotherapy. One day CPD workshop. I.M.P.A.C.T. Northeast.

Ani de la Prida

October 24th 2020. Cyberpsychology: A Pluralistic Approach to Therapeutic Communication