Practice Examples

Mick Cooper demonstrates working with goals in counselling and psychotherapy
Mick Cooper demonstrates some core counselling skills underpinning pluralistic practice, including discussion of goals and therapeutic methods


Interview with John McLeod on the pluralistic framework
Pluralistic Therapy: John McLeod Q&A with Roehampton Psychology students
John Wilson interviewing John McLeod on pluralistic therapy
John Wilson interviewing Mick Cooper on Pluralistic Therapy
1st International Conference on Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy promotional video

Seminar Presentations

The elephant in the room: Are different therapy orientations all really doing the same thing? A ‘directional’ account. Crest Seminar, 17th October 2018

Gina Di Malta-Seminar on
Client experiences of goal negotiation in Pluralistic therapy

Audio Recordings

John Wilson and Mick Cooper on pluralism in relation to a person-centred approach